Thursday, September 24, 2015

In Acquisition Editor Mode...

Signed a new author for Five Rivers yesterday that I've been stalking for a long time.... So happy! Brilliant, brilliant book. I'm sure it will be the author's breakout novel; just the best thing I've read in years.

Adrianne Kerr (editor of Commercial Fiction at Penguin Canada) said on a panel a couple of conventions ago that acquisition editors these days can't just sit at their desks and wait for great manuscripts to come in over the transom, they were increasingly expected to go out and find them. I thought she just meant combing the big sellers among the self-published novelists for something that might be worthy of bookstore distribution, but I think now she maybe meant something a little more complicated... I know it took me a long time and very deep roots in the speculative genre to hunt down this book. The manuscript had been sitting in the author's bottom drawer for years. Finding that...feels like the greatest coup since Carr scored Rite of Passage for his Ace Specials series. So feeling pretty good today!

And if that wasn't the end of a perfect day, next up on my agenda, editing a brand new Dave Duncan novel! Whoohoo!

And three more solicited 'possibles' sitting on the editorial assistant's desk, awaiting her judgement; a nonfiction monograph due back in from revisions at end of the month; and the first of a two book deal with another new writer who hung onto the movie rights because, yeah, that one could be a successful movie....

Never thought there could be a better job than professoring...but editor is giving it a good run for the money....

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