Wednesday, June 1, 2022

"Split Decision" Reprinted for fourth time.

My short story, "Split Decision" is included in Dustin Bilyk's Summer of Sci-Fi and Fantasy collection, released June 1, 2022. This is still one of my favorite stories, published originally in Tesseracts #15: A Case of Quite Curious Tales. Pretty happy to see "Split Decision reach a new audience.

As an editor, I often encourage writers to eye an eye out for reprint opportunities. If one's novel with a small press goes out of print because the press has closed take the minimum effort to self-publish it yourself. If a publisher has allowed your novel to go out of print, self-publish it yourself. If a story is in one issue of a print magazine, see if it can get into (1) the year's best anthology for the year it came out (2) another journal with no overlap with the first--such as going from a University-sponsored literary magazine to a genre market, or vice versa. Many magazines do not take reprints, but others do. Worth checking their guidelines to fiind out. And of course, --you need to make sure the rights have expired and reverted from the first publication before sending it out again. After one has exhausted the print markets, maybe look for an online or audio venue, again assuming previous magazine rights have reverted to you. Online publication is usually a one time situation, because Google can't catalog the same story twice, so the other online venue gets no indexing, which is probably a deal breaker. Online reprints usually don't pay, but I like having a list of stories people can read by clicking on the list. The other option is to collect a bunch out your stories as an ebook/POD and reprint them that way. "Split Decision" isn't on line anywhere yet because it keeps getting picked up by a new collection as the rights revert.