Saturday, August 28, 2010

Review site up and running

Well, 300+ recoded buttons later, I think I've fixed all the Explorer glitches in

I'm disappointed I had to change the programing of the menu buttons because they don't look or work as well this way, but one cannot have a site that is incompatible with explorer, whatever the cost. So that's done.

I also fixed a lot of other little errors I noticed while I was at it, and then spent the last couple of days bringing up to date. I know the review site probably won't attract a lot of visitors, but then it wasn't a lot of work to put together, and may generate some traffic for, NeoOpsis, and the various authors/publishers mentioned. At the very least, gives the reviews a second life as I doubt many copies of the print version will find their way to new readers, whereas anything on line can be found by relevant audience.

With the site, I just have a few articles on the thesis page and a 'tips for writers' section to finish, and then that site will be ready to launch. This may take a couple of months though, as Monday is back to teaching and research full time and back to editing part-time, so I'll just have the odd hour here and there to work on the site. No hurry as I already have as much editing on my desk as I can reasonably handle.

Priority for Sept is a paper I am presenting in Toronto in October on the history of schooling in Alberta over last 75 years. I'm hoping that this paper will be the culmination of about 25 years of research for me, so hopefully following feedback and revision from the conference, I can send it off for publication in an 'A' journal. Then that's that for that particular line of research.

Approached by an author/academic to work on particularly interesting line of research...Opens up a new line of research for me, but one much more relevant to and future direction I wanted to move, so pretty exciting. So that's lined up for October.

And am doing NaNoWriMo in November; wife is already booking a retreat for November for me. She is a genius at finding fantastic retreats for a fraction of the price of what most people consider when they think of writing retreats — real outside the box thinking.

And sometime this week, have to pitch another major project, tentatively slotted in for May 2011, to my publisher.

Exciting times.

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