Monday, August 31, 2015

What editor's do

Most of the editing I do at is necessarily confidential, so I obviously can't post examples on my blog. So I am always pleased when I stumble across examples of typical editing that authors post to illustrate the process. Award-winning Canadian YA author, Arthur Slade, has two excellent posts that illustrate typical interactions with one's editor. Whoever these editors are, their style is pretty similar to my own, though it never occurred to me until I saw the second post here that one could upload photos to the "comments" section.

Typical page of editor's markup on a 'finished' manuscript:
See My Editor Tear My Work to Shreds


My Editor Says These Two Words I Use Make Kitties Cry

Slade, if you are not already familiar with his work, is a fabulous writer. I often assign his novel "Tribes" in my education classes, for example, but all his series are wonderful.


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