Saturday, September 30, 2023

Flash Memoir: The Bad Day Book Published

The Bad Day Book (Vol.1) is up on today. I have two (hopefully humorous) flash memoir pieces in this volume: "The Lecture" and "Of Mice and Cannibals". The ebook version is on sale this week for $6.73 CND ($4.00 US) but will be double that next week.

Writers might want to note that there are many more volumes planned for the future (assuming always this one sells, but it's the sort of book one could see being sold at Costco or Walmart, so I'm assuming they will be a go.) The contract is very similar to the rights Chicken Soup of the Soul asks for, so that may disqualify the market for some writers, but they do accept old blog posts, which gives these pieces a significantly larger audience than the 7 people subscribed to my blog. The editor, Amilee Weaver Selfridge, is a delight to work with.

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