Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Two Time Travel Stories Published

My short story, "Sermon on the Mount" and my drabble "Deja Vu" were published in the anthology, A Stich in Space Time: Time Travel Stories, edited by Jay Chakravarti, is out from Culture Pulp Press, July 2024.

"Sermon on the Mount" originally appeared in On Spec Magazine #106, Vol 28 (3) (January, 2018) and "Deja Vu" originally appeared in ScribesMicro #31 (July 15, 2023).

Epub from https://www.lulu.com/shop/jay-chakravarti/a-stitch-in-spacetime/ebook/product-2m5898q.html
Paperback from https://www.lulu.com/shop/jay-chakravarti/a-stitch-in-spacetime/paperback/product-e786k52.html

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