Monday, October 25, 2010

market: Monster Book for Girls

Terry Grimwood is circulating the following announcement:

Dear All

While helping a friend clear out her parents' effects, recently, I
stumbled on a tatty old pre-war tome called "The Monster Book for
Girls". It was adorned with pictures of jolly school lasses wielding
hockey sticks and was full of “thrilling adventure stories for girls”.
I loved the title so much I’ve stolen it for a new Exaggerated Press

First it is not a book for teenagers or children.

What I’m looking for are stories inspired by the title, whatever
(within the realms of decency, the title does, I’m afraid lend itself
to a bit of nudge-nudge, wink-wink- sordidness) springs to mind and
kick-starts the creative engine.

It doesn’t even have to be of the horror/fantastical genre. What is a
monster anyway? Slipstream, thriller, romance, a mixture of genres
would be interesting, whatever floats your (and my, of course) boat

Be warned; I don’t want (or like) teenage vampires, vampire angst or
zombies or any other over-their-sell-by-date beasts. High-ish fantasy
might be okay as long as it is original and features no grumpy dwarves
or ethereal elves. Please don’t hurt children or gratuitously torture
women (or men come to that).

Length: 5000 words max, but I will negotiate if absolutely necessary.
Submission deadline: 27th February 2011.

Submit as an RTF attachment to

Terry Grimwood


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